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Tai Chung Heavy Transportation Co Ltd began operation from 1989, we introduced most of the heavy transportation types in order to help all of our customer, which we aim of producing stable and quick response service.

Our team including over 30 vehicles including the latest versions of tractors from Mercedes Benz and MAN, with professional drivers standby for providing our heavy transportation services, with suitable care and maintain of our equipment we can always support your requirements.

We offer different kinds of heavy transportation service, Tractors with over 20 trailers, Flatbed Lorries and Lorry Cranes, in order to provide safety and well order for our service, we also included supporting car for help in different situations.

The services we are providing include locations in Hong Kong and Macau, we can guarantee your efficiency of transportation needs with strong support from our team.

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    Tai Chung Heavy Transportation Co. Ltd

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